The Pursuit of a Brave New World in International Law: Essays in Honour of John.


編:Maluwa, Tiyanjana

       Du Pressis, Max

       Tladi, Dire

2017   571 p.


Brill / Nijhoff


Table of contents

Preface and Acknowledgements 
Notes on Contributors
Part 1
1 Dugardian Legal Theory, David Dyzenhaus
Part 2
Environment, Human Rights and International Law
2 Casting Fresh Light on the Supreme Right: The African Commission’s General Comment No. 3 on the Right to Life, Christof Heyns and Thomas Probert;
3 Human Rights in the Work of the International Law Commission, Arnold Pronto;
4 Pursuing a Brave New World for the Oceans: The Place of Common Heritage in a Proposed Law of the Sea Treaty, Dire Tladi;
5 Climate Change and the Rule of Law: Adjudicating the Future in International Law Philippe Sands;
6 The International Law Commission’s Articles on Diplomatic Protection Revisited, James Crawford;
7 Immunities and Consent to Jurisdiction in International Law, Annemarieke Vermeer-Künzli;
Part 3
Law-Making in International Law
8 The Development of International Law by National Courts, Christopher Greenwood;
9 The Status of Municipal Law before the World Court in the Light of Recent Cases Maurice Kamto;
10 The Individualization of Enforcement in International Law Exploring the Interplay between United Nations Targeted Sanctions and International Criminal Proceedings, Larissa van den Herik;
11 South Africa in Africa: Assessing South Africa’s Participation in Organization of African Unity and African Union Treaties, Tiyanjana Maluwa;
12 Unconstitutional Change of Government and the Public Law of Africa: Outlawing Coups d’État in Africa, Abdulqawi A. Yusuf;
13 State Succession in Relation to Treaties: Looking Back and Looking Forward, Ivan Shearer;
Part 4
Peace, Security and International Criminal Justice;
14 United Nations Security Council Resolution 1373 (2001) as a Tool for Criminal Law Enforcement, Trevor P. Chimimba;
15 Counter-Terrorism Sanctions and Human Rights Hennie Strydom;
16 The Omar Al-Bashir Case: Exploring Efforts to Resolve the Tension between the African Union and the International Criminal Court, Max du Plessis;
17 International Criminal Law and the Middle East, William Schabas;
18 Fighting Apartheid on a Second Front: Dugard’s Work on the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Mia Swart;
19 Global Trends towards the Simplification of Extradition Procedures from the Substantive to the Procedural without a Universal Framework of Reference, Neil Boister;
Appendix: Christopher John Robert Dugard (b. 1936)

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